The Project

MErCuRIC is a multicenter investigator driven treatment trial to combat and prevent metastases in patients with solid cancer. The project will employ novel stratified treatment regimes to increase survival and change clinical practice. We will develop non-invasive monitoring and detection systems that will drive clinical decision making and improve outcomes.

Personalised Medicine

The project will try to identify measurable characteristics of patients with colorectal cancer that can be used to distinguish between or even predict outcomes. These characteristics are known as biomarkers. MErCuRIC will employ next-generation sequenceing technologies to identify previously unknown biomarkers on a genetic level. This will allow the consortium to develop novel treatment strategies based on a personalized view of the patient. This level of personalization of treatment regimes is new and offers significant advantages to the patient as well as transforming clinical practice through the adoption of leading edge technology.


It focuses on MEK/MET inhibition applying a combinatorial approach. We are prioritizing Colorectal Cancer patients with KRAS mutants and wildtype patients with aberrant c-MET tumours.  By targeting these groups we are going to discover which patient groups will benefit from a particular treatment regime. Our approach is to understand and characterise the heterogenous nature of cancer whilst simultaneously targeting the cancer itself and routes to metastasis.