#mybest10seconds campaign

On the 28th of February 2019, EuropaColon/Digestive Cancers Europe (DICE), one of MErCuRIC’s Related Organisations launched a pan European Colorectal Cancer Screening Awareness Campaign: #mybest10seconds #ECCAM2019.

The aim of the campaign is to reach as many citizens across Europe in order to promote the importance of colorectal cancer screening for those over 50 years of age. So if this is you, then Get Screened… it only takes 10 seconds to take the test which could save your life!

If you are younger than 50 consider your family members, friends and colleagues. Visit the EuropaColon/DICE Official Campaign Microsite where you will find a symptom checker. If you are experiencing the symptoms mentioned, go and see your family doctor.

To reach their goal, they need our help. If you have any questions please contact them info@digstivecancers.eu 

For more information, visit:

Campaign Press Release

CRC White Paper

ECCAM2019 Memes